In our healthy line “Fibras del Sol” we elaborate our products with the highest quality that are carefully selected that are carefully selected taking into account their properties.

Pudding with seeds flavor vanilla

Pudding with seeds of sunflower, black sesame, linen and chia.

Our body needs a balanced diet and a healthy eating plan to function properly and make sure we have the necessary nutrients.

Our pudding is made from vegetable margarines; added oatmeal that is low in sodium and natural fats; black sesame seeds that are rich in fiber and calcium; sunflower seeds which is a natural antioxidant and provides vitamin E; linen seeds characterized by their abundant Omega 3 and chia seeds containing vegetable proteins

What are you waiting to try them?

  • Black sesame


    • + Fiber
    • + Methionine
    • + Calcium
  • Chia

    Vegetable proteins

    • + Omega 3
    • + Fiber
    • + Prevention cardiovascular
  • Sunflower


    • + Omega 3
    • + Vitamin E
    • + Prevention cardiovascular
  • Lines

    Omega 3

    • + Fiber
    • + Prevention cardiovascular
  • Oats


    • + Fiber
    • + Thiamin
    • Low sodium and saturated fats.

Product Packaging

  • In practical bags 250 g
  • (Box of 15 units)
  • Ask for other presentations

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