In our healthy line “Fibras del Sol” we elaborate our products with the highest quality that are carefully selected that are carefully selected taking into account their properties.

Sweet Biscuit with carob flour and chocolate chips

Sweet biscuit with wheat flour, carob flour, oats, maize semi, saved wheat and cacao, flovor chocolate and vanilla with chocolate chips.

They are made from carob flour that provides essential nutrients, vitamins B and D, rich in minerals and trace elements; wheat bran containing iron, fibers, zinc and phosphorus; rolled oats rich in essential amino acids, calcium, minerals and fibers.

This delicious product has 0% trans fat and contains no preservatives

You will love it!

  • Wheat bran


    • + Iron
    • + Fibers
    • + Zinc
    • + Phosphor
  • Oats


    • + Amino acids essentials
    • + Calcium
    • + Minerals
    • + Fibers
  • Carob

    Essential nutrients

    • + Vitamins B and D
    • + Energy
    • + Minerals and trace elements
    • + Fibers
    • + Antioxidants

Product Packaging

  • En prácticas bolsitas de 200 g
  • (Box of 16 units)
  • Ask for other presentations

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